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Why you should attend

Attending an event focused on accelerating business and partnerships between Portugal and Nigeria offers numerous benefits, such as:

Networking Opportunities

Connect with key players from both countries, fostering valuable business relationships and collaborations.

Market Insights
Gain deeper understanding of market trends, potential opportunities, and challenges in both regions.

Partnership Exploration
Explore new avenues for partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

Cultural Exchange
Learn about the cultural nuances that can enhance successful business interactions.

Expertise Sharing
Access industry experts and thought leaders sharing knowledge and best practices.

Investment Potential
Exploring Opportunities in Thriving Markets. Discover investment prospects and avenues for Exploring Opportunities in Thriving Markets.

Business Expansion
Identify ways to expand your company’s presence and offerings in these markets.

Government Support Understand regulatory frameworks and government incentives for businesses in both countries.

Learning Opportunities:
Attend workshops, seminars, and presentations to expand your knowledge base.

Key Note Address by

His Excellency Ambassador Alex. E. Kefas

Nigerian Ambassador to Portugal

Dr. Ramatu Tijani Aliyu

FMR Hon. Minister of State FCT

Stephenie Cooker Rank

Founder PNBTIForum

Stephenie Cooker Rank

Founder PNBTIForum

Stephenie Cooker Rank

Founder PNBTIForum

Stephenie Cooker Rank

Founder PNBTIForum


Fostering Synergy and Growth through Partnerships, Investments, and Capacity Building. Exploring Opportunities in Portugal and Nigeria

Day 1 - Partnerships, Investments, and Business Insights

Panel Discussions and Presentations on:
Investment Opportunities: Unveiling the Business and Political Landscape (60 minutes)
  • Investment Climate in Portugal and Nigeria: Trends and Opportunities
  • Promising Sectors for Investment: A Comprehensive Overview
  • Case Studies: Successful Investment Ventures
  • Mapping the Path to Informed Investment Decisions
Leveraging Expertise: Law Firms, Accounting Firms, and Company Set-Up Agencies
(60 minutes)
  • Role of Law Firms: Navigating Legal Aspects of Business
  • Accounting Firms: Financial Management and Compliance
  • Company Set-Up Agencies: Streamlining Business Establishment
  • Q&A: Interact with Experts in the Field
Partnerships - Formation, Locations, and Potential Partners (90 minutes)
  • Understanding the Essence of Partnerships in Business Success
  • The Collaborative Path: How Partnerships Are Forged
  • Where to Form Partnerships: Platforms, Events, and Organizations
  • Spotlight on Potential Partnerships in Portugal and Nigeria
Networking and Breakout Sessions
(60 minutes)
  • Engage with Speakers and Industry Leaders Group
  • Discussions: Exploring Potential Partnerships and Investment Avenues
Cocktail Reception
Networking and building capacity beyond your industry.

Day 2 - Empowering Growth and Diversity

Panel Discussions and Presentations on:
Capacity Building: Gender, Diversity & Inclusion (45 minutes)
  • Nurturing Diversity: Its Impact on Business Innovation and Success
  • Strategies for Fostering Inclusive Work Environments
  • Case Studies: Empowering Success through Inclusivity
  • Educational Exchange Programs: Enhancing Skill Development
Skill Development and Educational Exchange (45 minutes)
  • Strengthening Human Capital: The Role of Skill Development
  • Educational Exchange Initiatives: Bridging Knowledge Gaps
  • Collaborative Partnerships in Education and Training
Beyond Economic Insights: Synergies and Collaborative Fusion (45 minutes)
  • Unveiling Synergistic Possibilities: Exploring Beyond Economic Benefits
  • Collaborative Fusion of Cultures, Ideas, and Innovation
  • Navigating Cross-Industry Collaborations for Mutual Growth
Networking and Breakout Sessions (60 minutes)
  • Engage with Speakers and Industry Leaders Group
  • Discussions: Exploring Potential Partnerships and Investment Avenues
Nurturing Creativity and Entertainment Industries (45 minutes)
  • Arts, Culture & Fashion: Blending Traditions and Modern Expression
  • Power of Music & Film: A Catalyst for Socio-Economic Change
  • Sports and entertainment industry, presentation of success stories.

Gala Dinner and PNBTI Award

for the top two organizations creating the most significant impact in Portugal & Nigeria in 2022/23.

Note: This seminar provides a comprehensive exploration of partnerships, investments, and capacity building opportunities in Portugal and Nigeria. Participants will gain insights into forging collaborations, making informed investments, and fostering diversity and inclusion. The event aims to inspire innovative thinking and catalyze growth across various sectors while nurturing meaningful connections.


Greater Lisbon, Azeitão – Portugal

Quinta da Bacalhôa

is considered to be one of the most beautiful Historical Monuments from the first half of the 15th century that still exists in Portugal. It is a former property of the Portuguese Royal House, located in the greater Lisbon, more precisely in the small village of Vila Fresca de Azeitão, approximately 30mins from Lisbon center.

Comprising the Quinta and the famous Palácio da Bacalhôa, also known as the Palácio dos Albuquerques, it is an artistic monument of the utmost importance to Portugal.

The architecture, decoration and gardens of the Palace have been influenced over the centuries by the different owners, inspired by their travels through Europe, Africa and the Orient, thus helping to transform it into a unique jewel.

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